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The government’s National Enterprise Allowance scheme was established to offer grants to new start-up companies and I have trained to become an approved mentor.  This means I am able to volunteer my services to help unemployed people who want to start their own business through the grant application and start-up processes.

Val is an accomplished artist and was introduced to me through the NEA scheme.  At our initial meeting Val explained her idea to set up an on-line portrait service and how it would work.  We reviewed the start-up processes for a new business and discussed the areas where Val would need help.  We set tasks and agreed timelines to ensure that the Business Plan was presented in good time to the appropriate bodies, for approval. This Business Plan brought together all the data and research on marketing and financial planning.   
  Particular assistance and guidance was given to Val in identifying the Unit Price of her product in producing her budget and cash flow analysis.

When presented, Val’s Business Plan was commended on producing a well-researched thought out and presented plan.  Phil Deem, Business Advisor, Exeter Business Support said, “I commend you Val for producing such a well-researched, thought out and presented plan. It is by far the best presented plan I have seen since the NEA program started. You and your mentor have done a superb job on this, well done”.

Val gained approval of her Business Plan and started business in August 2012.
Val Bogan’s Testimonial:  
Having decided to start a business as part of the New Enterprise Allowance scheme, I consider myself extremely lucky to have had Sue assigned as my mentor. From the outset her enthusiasm about my idea helped enormously to motivate me during the process of writing my business plan.

I had no experience of the financial aspects of running a business. However, during the mentoring sessions, Sue gave me confidence in my ability to learn the necessary skills to look after the finances of the start-up, as well as teaching me those skills. I found her patient, knowledgeable, responsive and supportive. Her feedback was instantaneous and relevant; she talks from experience and understands the uncertainties of self-employment.  I feel very privileged to have had this degree of one-to-one insightful, skillful input and I am indebted to Sue for giving me such great advice as I start my business.

Val Bogan - Artist and proprietor of Portrayal Art & Design
Phil Deem’s Testimonial:  
Sue has worked intensively with one of my clients to get her business planning to a point that my client could confidently start her business.

The support she gave and the professionalism she expressed through the process has made it possible for my client to launch her business, with a well prepared and researched business plan. Sue’s mentoring and expertise will I’m sure provide this new business with the best opportunity, to thrive and grow sustainably.

Phil Deem – Business Advisor, Exeter Business Support